Alliance Management

“With our combined industrial expertise we intertwine to bring to bear the solution that is appropriate to meet the business or technical challenges posed."


HRM recognize the difficulty in establishing composite services across all facets of risk as a single entity. With this in mind alliances have been formed with likeminded and complementary skilled consultancies to be able to respond to issues under single managed entity.

HRM have partnering arrangements with the following Companies and Groups to assist in the provision of Total Integrated Services:

Yellow Helmet, Egypt

Based in Egypt, HRM have an established partnering agreement and office representation with Yellow Helmet Egypt (YHE) to jointly provide HSEQ, Technical Safety, Verification and Process Safety Services across all relevant sectors.


Based in West Wales supporting Environmental, Waste and Civil Engineering.

CGE Risk Management Solutions

HRM are a partner company with CGE Risk for BowTie XP.