“Providing Investigation, Expert Witness, Legal, Negotiation and Arbitration support”

HRM have extensive experience in the Legal, Compliance, Regulatory and Investigation Sectors in the United Kingdom, Europe and on a Global basis.

Our goal is to provide quality and compliant services, taking due cognisance of advancing and emerging process, requirements technologies, and regulatory compliance supporting our services in Expert Witness, Negotiations, Arbitration and Due Diligence. This depth of knowledge ensures that cases undertaken are able to draw upon both the experience and qualification of engineers, HSEQ specialist and Consultants providing rounded and diligent reporting.

HRM have experience with various facilities such as:

Power generation plants, Coal fired power stations and Biomass power stations

Chemical plants and pipelines

Waste facilities and Sewage treatment


Transportation (commercial and Industrial)

Manufacturing plants, Engineering (light and heavy) and Water facilities

Ports, vessels and Jetty operations

Leisure and Retail facilities

Onshore and Offshore Oil and Gas facilities including Drilling and Exploration

Insurance (MPL/EML, surveys and valuations at risk)

For further information and example studies please request via our contact page.